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Embrace the darkness, find your light
My camera is a passport into other people's lives. This time I took a spiritual journey into City Kickboxing the home of two UFC champions and six athletes signed to the UFC. We've been welcomed guests of the gym from Coach Eugene Bareman and given exclusive access to what it takes to become a champion. These images are the study of New Zealand's own UFC heros.
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UFC Fight Night 168

They step into the ring prepared to die and they emerge victorious. They never lose, they win or they learn to come back wiser and stronger. Get cage side access with City Kickboxing athletes Kai Kara-France, Brad Riddell and Dan Hooker.
Kia Kaha - Taking on the world
New Zealand riders defended the land during the BMX World Championship held in Auckland. The campaign featured top kiwi riders from various age divisions. This might be a small country, but it produced many world class athletes including Olympic silver medalist Sarah Walker.
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